Love in Little Things


One of the most beautiful things we see everyday but often overlook as we get swept up in the river of our own routines.

A little bit of colour can change everything. Most importantly it impacts mood.

When you really study flowers you can see a painted canvas of natures glory.

I remember when I was little I would rip flowers from my grandmothers garden and shove them into my pockets as I made a hasty dash inside. She would ask me if I had been playing with her roses and I would whisper a lie as the petals burned in my pockets. I would take them home and gasp when the colour would drain and the petals would droop in defeat; only for the cycle to repeat itself.

Colour led me to becoming an artist. Watching all the stress and angst of the week melt away in a stroke of a brush.

One little flower can mean so much right now in a world of murder and hate crimes.


10 Replies to “Love in Little Things”

  1. I love exploring and revealing the beauty within flowers to the world.

    I’m often blown away by what a close-up of even the tiniest flower can show.

    Also – i HAVE to know – what is that cake on the lower right and where can i get one??? 🙂


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    1. They are beautiful aren’t they, I will forever be drawn to nature. Haha I am doing up that post as we speak and it is scheduled to go up in a few days but it is actually soap I found at a local market! Crazy huh? Thanks for stopping by my post 😄

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