Overseas Certainties

One thing is for certain – I will be leaving the comfort of my own country.

This will be my second time in Bali and I still find myself in a tangle of anticipation. There’s something about planes that make me a little queazy no matter how high their safety rating – that’s also for certain. All week I have been packing and unpacking only to put the same items straight back in my bag.

One thing required for Bali is light packing, of which I have never been good at. Tell me to pack for a night and I will pack for every possible situation. You will always find that I will have both cardigans and jackets because they are not the same thing no matter how many times someone might try and inform me. Buuuuut I have gotten there after plenty of deliberation. I’ve made sure that there is enough space for my shopping antics – another certainty.

I still giggle at what I had packed last time. During a frozen frenzy in my home town I had packed fingerless gloves. Gloves for Bali… You think perhaps nerves may have clouded my judgement just a little? You must know I have nothing of the sort this time around. This year experience and familiarity guided my decisions. Thankfully.

Now I wait patiently (lies) to board.

Adios Australia!

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